About EcoLeaD

Recently, the human race is faced with various issues relating to sustainability, and dealing with these issues is an urgent matter. In addition, in the midst of the current global economic crisis, reforms in national economic and societal structures are required through policies to revitalise the economic society by environmental conservation, such as “Green New Deal” or “Green Job” schemes.

In “Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation in the 21st Century: Japan’s Strategy For A Sustainable Society” and “Innovation 25,” decided by the cabinet in 2007, it is pointed out that Environmental Leaders are essential to the greening of economic society in all areas toward the construction of a sustainable society. As an environmental nation, Japan is expected to develop leaders who can act globally for a sustainable society.

The Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development (EcoLeaD) is a practical platform in which all stakeholders of government, academia, industry and civil society can participate, exchange information relating to environmental leadership development, and interact with each other.

The EcoLeaD was established in March, 2011 and for executing several projects and deliberating on organisational structure and project contents of EcoLeaD.

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