Projects Structure


The EcoLeaD will execute several trial projects, while clarifying the needs of companies and governments which utilise environmental leaders and the potential of universities which educate future environmental leaders. It will also deliberate on organisational aspects of EcoLeaD. A foundational project is planned that provides member organisations, institutions and individuals with opportunities to communicate with each other. Other trial projects related to environmental leadership development are planned, as outlined below. The target groups for these projects are shown in the figure to the left.

*MBA: Master of Business Administration

MOT: Management of Technology


The EcoLeaD plans the following projects and activities through member participation. Each project will form a working group based on voluntary participation of members, and planning and administration will be conducted by cooperation among participants.

◆Providing opportunities for meetings and communication

Holding seminars and discussion sessions to promote information exchange and cooperation.

◆Green Management Program (GMP) Project on Environmental Management

Development and promotion of the GMP Guidelines for a 6-course graduate minor program to develop environmental leaders.

◆Project on establishment of T-shaped environmental leadership development programs

Development and promotion of the Guidelines for T-Shaped Environmental Leadership Development for an undergraduate program.

◆Project on construction of information infrastructure for environmental leadership development

Development and of information infrastructure for environmental leadership development.

Establishment of curriculum database for environmental leadership development.

◆Project on international exchange and cooperation

Cooperation with international networks, such as ProSPER.Net, in environmental leadership development and consideration of possible collaborative projects.